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Dude Grows Show Cannabis Podcast

Nov 21, 2020

Hang Out Live With The Dude & Scotty Real Foor Tdays DGC Bakery Live And Try To Win Some Free Seeds From GAMEPLAY / RULES By entering you accept that we may change game rules at any time for any reason. Each toy in the claw crane game has a card showing a prize. Each contestant gets three chances to win at the claw crane game. One prize per contestant. Claw crane will be operated by DGC Staff. You will win when the crane successfully recovers a toy. You will win the prize shown on the card on the toy recovered. If no prize is won in the claw crane game, a card will be pulled from the Grab Bag. Cards will have prizes or additional chances at the claw crane game. Winners will be notified via direct message or email, depending on how they entered. Not all prizes are available to all shipping destinations. Please know that we will do our best to get the gear out.