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Dude Grows Show Cannabis Podcast

Aug 6, 2019

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The Dude Was Hanging Out This Past Weekend At The Indo Expo In Portland And Sat In On A Panel With Dr Colin Bell & Dr Peter Konjoian From Growcentia & Mammoth Microbes, Jeff Lowenfels The Author Of Teaming With Microbes & Teaming With Nutrients, & Hosted By Shango Los From The Shaping Fire Podcast To Talk About The Current Myths And Trends In The Cannabis Industry That Need To Be Corrected Like The Use Of Microbes And The Difficulty And Near Impossibility To Have A Truly Sterile Environment, What Myths In Cultivation Bugs Them The Most, Removing Leaves To Get More Light To the Buds, Too Many Bottles In The Grow Store And Narrowing Down What Is Actually Neccessary To Grow The Dank, The Types Of Research That Can Be Done In The Lab Versus What Potential Research Can Be Done In The Trenches In The Grow & How To Conduct And Experiment Yourself & What Big Changes They See In The Cannabis Growing Horticulture Business In The Next % Years & More On Todays Episode Of Grow Talk