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Dude Grows Show Cannabis Podcast

Mar 31, 2015

Get ready as The Dude & Scotty real talk some serious grow. Look out every Monday for a new hour of grow talk at 4:20. Come get blazed with us and talk about growing some serious dank. This week we will be talking...

Grow Talk Questions:

1.From: El Diablo: 12:00 build a soil Dear, Sir Dude & Mr. Real, I tried to order **Vital Earth Manna-Mix** at my local grow shop. But It seems Vital Earth is having problems with distribution. Sunlight Supply's has discontinued Vital Earth Manna Mix and will No longer be carrying it. I contacted my local grow shop and Vital Earth, here's the reply emails from both. Just a heads up it could be hard to find vital earth manna-mix in the future for some grows. Are there any other pre-mixed growing medium/soil that you would recommend since Manna-Mix is not available. Or should I just start mixing my own. Is it hard to mix large batches of soil and have a reliable and consistent product. If so could you do a show about mixing your own soil and some good soil mix recipes or any other special tips you may have. I really enjoy the science of growing and would like to find a well-balanced top-shelf organic soil mix.  Thanks for all your Help & Hard Work.... Have a Wonderful Day!!!!


  1.  From JD: Am I right that products which advertise their ability to "sweeten" our buds with carbs (eg. bud candy, sugaree, botanicare sweet, or floranectar) are a complete scam? They are all mostly made up of sugars like fructose and sucrose which are way too big to pass the plasmallema and enter the plant.  If they enhance flavor at all, it is only because they also contain a little sulfur, which can be obtained cheaply from epsom salts.  These large sugar molecules don't even effectively feed the microbes in the soil which really only eat glucose/molasses.  In my opinion, the molasses bundled in Recharge is all the sugar your root zone will ever need.



  1.  From Eddie: Got to say I'm digging the 3 show days a week. Questions on  Pre-ripening And ripening nutrients. Ladies are in the beginning of week 4 of flowering and I know that's perfect for pre-ripeness. So I have got Mendocino Avalanche from Real Growers and know to use this in wk 5,6 and 7 and I also have Canna PK13/14 an Canna Boost what would guys use? Would love to get your 2 opinions on all this. My steak and potatoes are Canna A&B, Silica, Bio-Cozyme,and fish oh and of course RECHARGE that I'm about to cut out really soon. Growing in A Coco soil mix. Thanks for being ther for all of us.


  1.  From NY-Mike: How much yellowing is normal towards the end of flowering? Around week five I began to yellow on two of eight plants. While watering I trimmed the extremely yellow leaves. Literally the next day the other six showed signs of yellowing. Mainly just on large fan leaves. Yellowing has continued all around but bud growth and maturing seems fine. Now right at week seven yellowing is reaching the larger leaves on some bud leaves. I feed a little nitrogen at week five and some buds have seemed to swell a lot more then others which looks great but is pumping massive amounts of white hairs. Where others are turning red.

The yellowing never looked dangerous. More so reminded me of leaves turning naturally in fall. Its my first grow though.I plan to water my bloom nutes and molasses next watering then switch to final flush in preparation for harvest.I need to get a magnifying glass but everything looks really dank and smells extraordinary. Two phenos I have clones to keep as mother's smell literally like gummy bears!


  1.  From Capn: First run with rock nutrients. Used only their one part fusion bloom, florablend, calimagic, and over drive. And recharge of course.I can't complain. Looks just as frosty as any other run I've done with GH, Dutchmaster, or advanced.


  1.  Hey Scotty, I spoke to you via email about getting some recharge up in Canada. I suffered a broken heart as I was driving and heard you answer my question on one of the episodes, saying you wont be shipping up to CA. Similar feeling to a childhood crush telling you she didn't like you back.

I'm in Winnipeg and I'm having a lot of trouble finding any Beneficial bacteria in any hydro stores or nurserys.      I'm Growing in coco/perlite with Calmag, Silica and Hygrozyme. Also using up the rest of my jungle juice before I get some Canna. Will the salty nutes be an issue for the bacteria to the point where its not worth using? I appreciate any help u can give. Absolutely love the show. Especially the new format.


  1. I was wanting to get your guys opinions, about these **Root Routing Pots**. I am currently using a standard 7gal nursery pot. But I am wanting to upgrade my pots to a 10gal air-prune root pot. So the only two options I have found are the Fabric Smart Pots and these Plastic Nursery **Root Routing Pots**. The reason I'm thinking of going with the Root Routing Pot is you can reuse them multiple times. I know you can reuse the fabric Smart pots but there such a pain to wash. Do you think I'll get the same performance from the Root Routing Pot as you receive from a smart pot? Or Do you think I should just stick with a standard nursery pot. What type of disadvantages do you foresee with the use of these Root Routing pots?

Hey fellas whats growin on!! Dudes I'm hearin a buzz about Bio Char. My question is does the carbon break           down and become available to the plant in a container situation or is this amendment more for long term garden type soil? Wats up?